Atsumi Takemoto



【20231020-1123】International group exhibition ~FORGOTTEN PLACES~@MILLEPIANI Exhibition Space Roma

WHERE: MILLEPIANI Exhibition Space

Via N. Odero 13, Roma


WHEN: 20th Oct -23th Nov 2023

(divided in 10~13days slots with changing artists)

My contribution on show 2th Nov- 13th Nov


OPENING TIME: from Monday to Friday

9:00 am – 7:00 pm


When I was still living in Mitaka City, Tokyo

(Summer 2015) Photos taken and

After the decision was made to remove the bridge (Summer 2022) With the photos taken, A collection of collaged works.

It will be exhibited in Rome, Italy.

I am very honored. Thank you so much..

Another place of memories is about to change its shape.


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